4 days / 3 nights

Highlights of Transylvania,
Banat and Crisana (Western Romania)

Tour ID: P1056

» Day 1: 
Sibiu  --  Deva  --  Corvin Castle  --  Timisoara
Travel from Sibiu to Timisoara, via Deva - Hunedoara
Stops/ visits:
~ Deva / Deva citadel
~ Hunedoara / Corvin castle
Continue to Timisoara, sightseeing in Timisoara.
Dinner and overnight in Oradea
Day 1 in brief
Distance traveled: 305 km (191 miles)
Approx. travel time: 5 hours and 5 minutes  (normal traffic, without stops)
Sights/ Activities: Corvin castle, medieval architecture, rural Transylvania, Secession architecture. 

» Day 2:
Timisoara  --  Arad  --  Minis winery  --  Oradea 
After breakfast,
travel from Timisoara to Oradea, via Arad.
Stops / visits:
~ Arad
Arad is home to some impressive turn-of-the century buildings, such as the neoclassical City Hall (1876), the Palace of Culture (1913) and the Red Church.  The city has the largest number of Secession-style buildings.
Continue to Oradea, sightseeing on Oradea.
~ Optional: detour to Minis to visit Minis winery / wine tasting.
Sighseeing in Oradea,
one of the most picturesque towns in western Romania.
Dinner and overnight in Oradea.
Day 2 in brief
Distance traveled: 175 km (110 miles)
Approx. travel time: 2 hours and 45 minutes  (normal traffic, without stops)
(224 km / 141 miles - 3 hours and 40 minutes if visit/ detour to Minis winery)
Sights/ Activities: Secession & Neoclassical architecture, NW Romania's largest cities. 

» Day 3:
Oradea  --  Baile Felix  --  Apuseni National Park  --  Huedin  --  Turda
After breakfast,
travel from Oradea to Alba Iulia via Apuseni Mts. National Park.
Stops/ visits:
~ Baile Felix thermal baths,
~ Apuseni Mts. National Park,
~ Turda salt mine (time permitting).
Dinner and overnight in Turda.
Day 3 in brief
Distance traveled: 254 km (159 miles)
Approx. travel time: 4 hours and 45 minutes  (normal traffic, without stops)
Sights/ Activities: medival castle, medieval architecture, rural Transylvania. 

» Day 4:   
Turda  --  village Rimetea  --  Alba Iulia  --  Sibiu
After breakfast,
visit Turda salt mine, Romania's top underground attraction,
then travel to Sibiu, via Rimetea - Alba Iulia.
Stops / visits:
village Rimetea - 138 carefully preserved traditional houses
illustrate the local achitectural style of mid-1800s.
~ Alba Iulia / largest and best preserved Vauban fortress
in Central and Eastern Europe.
Day 4 in brief
Distance traveled: 165 km (103 miles)
Approx. travel time: 2 hours and 35 minutes  (normal traffic, without stops)
Sights/ Activities:
medival achitecture, traditional village, rural Transylvania, Vauban-style fortress. 

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West: Banat and Crișana