Train Travel
from Romania to foreign countries

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Paralela 45 will gladly purchase your international or domestic train ticket(s)
and deliver it to your Bucharest hotel
or ship it to and address in other city in Romania, or abroad.

Types train accommodations/ cabins:
~ first class sleeper (two-berths cabin, single or shared occupancy)
Some trains offer a limited number of first-class cabins with a private ensuite,
most have shared restrooms.
~ three-berth cabin
~ four-berth cabin
~ six-berths cabin
~ first-class seat
~ second-class seat
Three, four and six-berth cabins are, usually, not gender segregated.
Most trains offer just a few - not all - types of the cabins mentioned above,
(i.e. the train from Bucharest to Istanbul has four-berth cabins only,
the train from Bucharest to Sofia has second-class cars/ seats only).

At the present time,
only physical (paper) tickets are issued for international travel;
unfortunately no e-tickets / PDF that can be e-mailed to / printed by traveler.

Tickets go on sale 90 days before date of travel.

Non-restricted train tickets are changeable and refundable,
if returned to the ticket office at least three working days before your trip 
(a 15% penalty fee will apply).
Refund process is a quite bureaucratic and it may take up to 60 days.
If you need to change your date of travel
you will need to pay the cost of a new seat/ berth reservation
and apply and wait a for a refund for the amount  paid for the initial seat/ berth reservation.

Discounted tickets (Fortuna) are sometimes available;
however, discounted tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable.

In case that you will need hotel reservations
Paralela 45 will arrange accommodations for you
at carefully selected hotels which are part of Paralela 45 Hotel Collection.

Direct service from Bucharest
to Istanbul (Turkey), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Thessaloniki (Greece)
is available during the summer season and early fall (June through October) only.
During late fall, winter and spring connecting service only.

Cost of your train ticket varies based on type of preferred accommodations/ cabin.

Exclusive use of a (sleeper) cabin is possible if traveler(s) will
purchase all the tickets/ reserve all the berths in the cabin (adult fare).
i.e. two travelers who would like to enjoy exclusive use of a four-berth cabin
will need to purchase four adult tickets/ reserve all four berths in the cabin.

Re: payments (we accept Euros or US Dollars)
For amounts of 300 Euros or less payments with a credit or debit card,
on-line, via secure-payment link we will send you via E-mail.
For payments of more than 300 Euros – bank transfers are preferred
and will offer a credit of 3.00 Euros to off-set your banks fees.
Paralela 45 bank account info for wire transfers:
ING Bank  Account #
RO83 BACX 0000 0017 1593 6001  (Euros)
RO42 INGB 0001 0081 2746 4010  (U.S. Dollars)
UNICREDIT Bank  Account #
RO96 INGB 0001 0081 2746 0710  (Euros)
RO56 BACX 0000 0017 1593 6002  

On-line payments are processed by, secure,
on-line payments processing company Eu Platesc
Most transactions go smoothly but some banks may decline the payment
if ‘out-of-pattern’ / not-common transaction or foreign payee.
Informing the credit card issuing bank about the payment
to Paralela 45 (via EuPlatesc) will help avoid declined credit card transaction.
In the upper right section of the screen there are options for language selection.