(guaranteed departure group tour)">


Danube Delta cruise,
Tulcea -- "Nebunu" nature reserve -- Şontea -- Tulcea
(guaranteed departure group tour)

Tour ID: P1023

Eight-hour Danube Delta cruise, guaranteed departure

Transportation: wide-bottom, slow boat
(Features: Sun shade tarpaulin, toilet, comfortable seats)

Average cruising speed:  8 – 10 km / hour (5 - 7 miles/ hour)

Departure time:  10:30 am (sharp) /
Recommended check-in time: 10:15 am

Departure/ Arrival: Tulcea, Pier "Port Aval" 

Duration: 7 to 8 hours

Price: 49.50 Euros / person (Cruise w English-speaking guide)
Note: a minimum of four passengers is needed for this cruise to

Tulcea -- channel Mila 36 (welcome to the Danube Delta !)  -- channel Trofilca (narrow waterway with rich vegetation) -- channel Şireasa -- Lacul cu Cotete (Lake Cotete - short stop for wildlife watching) -- channel Şontea -- "Nebunu" nature reserve (bird watching: Heron, Egret, Swan, Sparrow Hawk, Codalb Vulture). 

Lunch break at "Fisherman’s Hut" - Şontea
(optional, cash only) 

Travel back to Tulcea
via Şontea Veche -- channel Şontea -– channel Şireasa -- channel Mila 36.

Estimated return time to Tulcea: 6 pm -- 6:30 pm

Note: Lunch (optional): 60 lei (about 12 Euros) / person is not included

This tour does not include accommodations.
In case that you will arrive Tulcea the day before
we will be happy to arrange accommodations at one of Paralela 45's Collection hotels.

Did you know?

The lower course of the Danube forms the border between Bulgaria and Romania,
through a broad drainage basin between the Carpathian and Balkan mountain ranges.
The river ends in a vast Delta in Romania, the largest in Europe,
with an area of 1,700 square mi (4,345 square km);  part of the delta also lies in the Ukraine.
Flow at the mouth of the Danube averages 229,450 cubic ft (6,500 cubic m) per second,
but has been recorded at 10 times this volume during high flooding.
Some 122 million tons of sediment is discharged each year, creating one of the most extensive and fertile wetlands on Earth.
Most of this is now protected by the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, 1.7 million acres (679,222 hectares) of marshes and lakes, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991.

For many centuries the Danube was the border between the civilized Greco-Roman world
and the Germanic barbarians to the north.

Availability: July 1 - September 15

Trip duration:  seven to eight hours 

Price: 49.50 Euros / person - cruise w English-speaking guide
39.50 Euros / person - cruise w Romanian-speaking guide
Minimim age: 5 y.o. ,
Sorry, no discounts for children or students.

Price includes:
Danube Delta cruise / water transportation
English-speaking guide service 
Danube Delta visitation permit (mandatory) 

Price does not include:
Lunch/ drinks
Personal Expenses
Equipment rental

cost of cruise w Romanian-speaking guide:  39.50 Euros



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