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 Moldova - Architecture, Wines and Spiritual Life in Eastern Romania

The largest and most beautiful city in eastern Romania, IasI offers a unique combination of attractions and activities. Some of Romania's most celebrated wines and a glimpse of Romanian Orthodox traditions will be part of this three-day trip to Eastern Romania.

Day 1 - Arrive Iasi; transfer to Hotel Traian (4 star), built by the Eiffel Company in late 1800's.

Welcome reception followed by lunch.

Walking tour of Iasi.

Optional: Meetings with local business people and/or officials.
Dinner and entertainment at Bolta Rece restaurant. The menu will include traditional Romanian dishes such as sarmale (stuffed cabbage) and Placinte Poale in Brau (sweet cheese pie). Wine presentation and tasting offered by a local sommelier.

Day 2 - Half-day trip to Cotnari and Harlau vineyards. Visit the wine museum in Harlau. We will sample a few wines produced from Romanian grape varieties: Busuioaca de BohotinSauvignon Blanc and Francusa Lunch and wine tasting at Cotnari, a vineyard best known for its white, sweet wines: GrasaFrancusa and Alb de Cotnari.

Return to Iasi early afternoon for shopping or rest.

Dinner at Monastery Golia with Romanian Orthodox Church leaders.
A unique music performance—featuring Byzantine music as well as traditional Romanian folk songs—will be offered by the Christian Orthodox Theological Seminary students' choir.

Day 3 - After breakfast, transfers to Iasi airport for departure to your next destination or take a two-day trip to the Painted Monasteries (95 miles north of Iasi). Most of the Painted Monasteries were built in late 1400's. Set in a serene rural area, these UNESCO World Heritage Sites are known for their vivid Byzantine frescoes, which are unique in the world.


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