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Jewish Bucharest

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Bucharest Jewish Heritage Tour

In the early 1930s the Jews were the largest religious minority in Bucharest.
The first written attestation of a Jewish community, in Romania’s capital city - Bucharest,
dates back to the 16th Century. 
The Old Jewish quarter is now one of Bucharest’s most energetic commercial areas.
A Jewish theatre still offers several performances, every week.

Tour highlights/ visits:

Bucharest Great Synagogue
built in 1845, redesigned in 1903 and 1909,
repainted in Rococo style in 1936 by Ghershon Horowitz.

Yesuah Tova Synagogue
the city’s oldest synagogue; it still serves the local Jewish community.

The Choral Temple
The only existing replication of Vienna’s Leopoldstadt-Tempelgasse Great Synagogue. 
It was designed by Austrian architects Enderle and Freiwald and built between 1857 – 1867.
The original structure in Austria that was destroyed by the Nazi regime in 1938.

Bucharest Jewish Theater
the oldest Yiddish-language theater with uninterrupted activity in the world.
Repertoire includes plays by Jewish authors, plays on Jewish topics, and plays in Yiddish 
(simultaneous translation into Romanian offered).

Jewish History Museum,
located in the former United Holy Temple synagogue,
offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the history of the Jewish communities in Romania, their origins, growth, contribution and influence to the Romanian culture, economy and political life.
The museum displays include a rich collection of books, an extensive Romanian Jewry archive, a collection of paintings (of and) by Romanian Jewish artists, Romanian Jewish theaters memorabilia, a section devoted to Zionism.

Romanian Holocaust Memorial
The central point of this Memorial is column on whose each side is written one letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Taken together they read “zachor” (remember).  A hall of remembrance features several plaquettes containing names of Romanian Holocaust victims.
The Memorial also features a five-sculpture ensemble – “The Column,” “Via Dolorosa,” “The Roma”s Wheel,” “The Star of David,” and “Epitaph” - arranged around a central memorial precinct.

Bucharest Jewish Community Center

The Jewish Cemetery “Giurgiului”

This is guided, five-hour, tour
with an English-speaking guide specialized in Romania’s Jewish Heritage.
Price does not include hotel accommodations.

Transportation: car/ van/ bus

Duration:  five to six hours

  • Availability: year-round

  • Price: from 29 Euros / participant


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